August 2019   
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Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry:

Children from Birth through 4 Years Old:

We offer Sunday School Classes to all age groups found on the Second Floor of the Main Building.  The Nursery is located conveniently near all the other children Sunday school classroom to provide an easy drop off and pick up. 

During the Worship Service, children of all ages are welcome but children 4 and younger are welcome to stay in the nursery. Children age Pre-K through 5th grade will be invited to attend Children's Church after the special song during the worship service. Pastor Steve normally dismisses them right before he starts preaching. 

Our Pre-School Director is Tiffany Dallas, feel free to ask her any questions when you bring your child. She will ask you to fill out an information form for your children allowing her to know your preferences from feedings and diaper changes and also inform her of any allergies your child may have. 

The nursery is located on the Second Floor of the main building. There is a set of stairs on the west side of the building. Once you go up the stairs and enter the building, take a left, walk past the set of stairs, and the nursery will be at the end of the hallway on the right. 

Children ages grades K through 5th grade:

 Please call the office during business hours and let our secretary know their information and she will forward it to the van driver.